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Mend It Yourself June 25, 2009

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sewing at the dining room table

Last week we had drywall and painting crews in to repair multiple cracks in our walls. As a result I ended up stuck in the house with time on my hands. Since I normally like to spend my days outdoors, this made me a bit stir-crazy. What else could I do besides fiddle about on the internet? I scoured my closet for clothes to repurpose or repair.

  • First, I found several items that needed buttons sewn back on. Easy enough.
  • Then I finally hemmed the pair of pants that were about a foot longer than necessary. I have been known to roll the waistband on a pair of pants rather than hem them. This doesn’t give you the most girlish waistline, however.
  • Next, I found three long dresses that I haven’t worn in several years. I thought about putting them in the donation pile but then decided that was wasteful. So I cut them to a length I will wear and hemmed them up. I wore one yesterday!
  • Last but not least, I tackled a pair of pants with a waist that was so big the pants threatened to slip off. Why do clothes manufacturers make waists the same size as the hips? Don’t women have curves anymore? Thankfully, these were stretchy lounge pants so I could just sew through the waistband and down the pant leg. Now they fit!

Once that was done, I found some unfinished Christmas ornament projects – many small pins and beads – lots of glue. Enough to keep this big kid busy for a while.

Need a little inspiration? Check out the folks at Threadbanger for Do It Yourself ideas. They were my muse for my recent sewing frenzy.
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One Response to “Mend It Yourself”

  1. Hi Daryl, I guess every now and then we need to stop doing what we normally do day in and day out and take a zoomed out look at our lives. The daily routine keeps us going at a dizzy rate; we sometimes forget to think why we are doing what we are doing in the first place. In the process, we even forget to take care of ourselves. As you did, it is good to take a break, slow down and set things right. is another site, where you can find related topics.

    Joost Hoogstrate

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